Configuration Profiles not configuring

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Below is a summary of what I am attempting to do and cannot get to work:

  1. Have a login window screen saver start in 1 minute at the login window.
  2. Log out idle users after 20 minutes for students and 60 minutes for faculty stations.
  3. NOT require a password to log back into a Mac.
  4. Allow users to adjust the screen saver themselves, with an initial setting of 20 minutes.

If we can solve these above items, I will be very grateful as these are about the only things creating problems up to this point. This is becoming a big deal because as it is interfering with the teaching process. I tried a configuration profile, but the configuration profile's login window settings seem to be interfering with the user settings. I was hoping the login would be ONLY for the login window and not users that ARE logged in.

Thank you