Converting from VPP by User to by Device

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We are planning to move from VPP by User to VPP by Device, and are wondering what experience others have had with the transition. The physical changing of servers and migrating VPP easy - a flush click and an enable click... Determining the best means of communicating with the customers isn't as easy... - Did you communicate the change to the users or just to high level managers?
- Was the communication by and email or did they not turn off “Notify users when an app is no longer assigned to them” in Casper
- What lessons were learned?


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In our case (we're a school), we made sure that the principals knew what was happening and had the idea why the switch makes sense and why it'll make everyone's lives easier - staff and students get a fully functioning iPad when they arrive, instead of creating an Apple ID and then downloading any necessary apps, etc.

We also communicated the switch to all users a few weeks before we made the switch. I think we made the switch during summer break, so it wasn't an issue - we just told everyone that from now on, all the apps will install and update automatically, and to make sure none of their data is lost during the process, to make sure they have a backup of their data - not only on iCloud, but also on Google Drive (we use GAFE) for any really important data.

Went off without a hitch. And yes, we had the “Notify users when an app is no longer assigned to them” turned off, as having 50+ pop ups for each user would drive people mad.