Creating 2 partitions with APFS

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before I push my macOS 10.14.3 APFS-image, I want to split my hard drive into 2 partitions a 30% of Disk Space partition and a 70%.

In JAMF-Admin I have only the option to partition it in HFS+ or Journaled HFS+.
Is there any chance to do it via script or other methods in APFS?
Deployment Studio is also only HFS+.

Thanks in advance.


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i think i got this right, someone correct me if wrong... terminal 'man diskutil' got me here

so its basically "diskutil partitionDisk. 'DISK YOU WANT HERE' = (/dev/disk1) '# OF PARTITIONS YOU WANT' = (1) 'FORMAT' = (GPT APFS) 'NAME OF DRIVE' = MacintoshHD

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk1 1 GPT APFS MacintoshHD

Hope This Helps!

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Hi Hugonaut,

thanks for you answer.

I need a script with a logic behind it.
For example: List my drives if it is HFS +, then delete those drive(s) and make 2 APFS partitions, if it is APFS, then delete the drives and make me 2 new APFS partitions.