Creating protected shared user accounts in a post-imaging/freezehomedir world

New Contributor II

It’s the beginning of the summer and I still feel like I have all the time in the world before school starts again so I’m willing to give the whole DEP/ConfigProfiles/Policies route a shot before desperately tinkering with DeployStudio.

My biggest hesitation comes from our shared login account for our laptop cart machines. We have a single generic “Student” account that the laptops automatically log in with. Very specific preferences are set for various applications and things like the Dock which only has a few apps.

The other big requirement is a means of keeping that generic login account clean. In the past, we’ve used the freezehomedir tool to have the user profile completely restored at each reboot. I have some ideas on home I could create a pkg that would include all my preference settings but before I went down that road, I wanted to see if there were any better options.

Is there anyone left still using this type of setting with generic user accounts that need to be customized before use and maintained despite the best efforts of students to make a mess? Ideas?