DEP Computers importing to Mobile Devices

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We have a tricky issue that has been very difficult to reproduce as it only happens upon MDM assignment on - computers are importing to the JSS as Mobile Devices, not as (or "as well as") computers. I am curious if anyone else has seen this or isolated the cause of this:

Symptom: Computers silently error out during DEP enrollment, causing the computers to not receive Configuration Profiles as they are not properly MDM managed. Further attempts to enroll are met with SCEP and MDM errors.

Resolution: Search for the computer's Hardware UUID in Mobile Devices and delete the object if found. Re-enroll the computer (either by removeFramework or delete .AppleSetupDone).

Steps to Reproduce: Unknown.

We saw this multiple times on v9.96 of the JSS prior to updating to v9.99.0 - the issue is so intermittent that it is hard to tell if we have seen it since v9.99. Has anyone else seen this odd behavior? Escalations to Jamf were unsuccessful due to the inability to reliably reproduce the issue.

Edit: This issue seems to persist up to v.9.101 of the JSS.