Detecting if Google Backup and Sync is currently syncing

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My company is migrating away from Backup and Sync and to Drive File Stream. As part of the process I want to uninstall Backup and Sync, but I want to be sure that a user's data has finished syncing before uninstalling. As such, I am looking for a way to detect if Backup and Sync is currently syncing. Does anyone know how to do this? I tried running Composer to get a before snapshot, then logging on to Backup and Sync, then running Composer afterwards. This does give me several files that have changed, but none are obviously one that I'm looking for.


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I'm not sure how backup and sync works but I would check to see if a specific process is running while it's backing up. And then you can test to see if that process is running or not to trigger the uninstall or to postpone it.

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I've had a similar problem - on Windows/Mac - you could end up with a real data loss situation if your not careful. The other problem is the google drive synced files live in different location, and I envisioned a problem where users use the most recent file menu to edit documents thinking they are all backed up by google drive, but they are in fact not and then their hdd fails.

I did talk to Google about this - their enterprise support people really had no idea what I was talking about sadly. I think ultimately their installer should take care of migrating the user. It may be hard to do on their end, but they created this mess and they should know how to detect these conditions better than any packager could.

At the very least you could open a ticket as a way to vote this issue to the top of their list as something to fix.