Disable Password Configuration Check During Recon?


I frequently get this error when computers perform a recon because it can't check/doesn't know our password policy for AD users.

Error retrieving Password Configuration for user: error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.jamfsoftware.task.errors error 1.)

Our AD takes care of password requirements, so I would just rather JAMF not try to collect that info in the first place since the check isn't needed. How do I disable that in JSS for recon?


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I have found the same problem when using Jamf Remote.
I was on a Support call about it and they told me they have raised an Issue over this behaviour, PI-005520.

Suggested to instead of submitting an inventory update run one of the following commands, these are supposed to either stop the log submitting or direct it locally. These did not work for me but thought I'd share them incase anyone might be able to expand on the idea

jamf recon 2>/dev/null
jamf recon 2>/var/log/jamf-inventory-error.log