Displaylink "an error occured while running this policy"

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Hey everyone, 

we are using Displaylink in our Jamf environment and set it up via the guide from synpatics. (https://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/1965404-how-to-deploy-displaylink-macos-softw...)

Now to the problem: Around 80% of the time when a new mac is setup and runs the displaylink policy, the policy "seems" to fail (the policy log claims it has "failed" and we even get the concurring mail "an error occured while running the policy "Install DisplayLink Manager".") However... DisplayLink Manager is installed successfully every time. 

The error message is the following: (The installation failed due to an error. Contact the manufacturer of the software. An error occurred while executing the scripts from the "DisplayLink Manager Graphics Connectivity1.9-EXE.pkg" package).


Maybe someone heres has had a similar problem and can help :)


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I've had random issues like this over the years and sometimes the most simple ideas seem to work. I'd try either removing the package from the policy and then adding it back and trying again, and if that doesn't work, try uploading a new .pkg and then removing the old one from the policy and adding the new .pkg and trying again. I know, super basic and nothing that is really going to explain why you're getting the error in the first place, but if it resolves it, you can move on to bigger issues.

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If that solves the issue I will scratch my head even more than before :D But i will live in peace knowing the error is gone. I've reuploaded the package and added it to the policy. Lets see what the next days behold, thanks for the quick suggestion :)

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Sadly it worked only for the first 3 deployments after the adjustment. It is now displaying the error message as before. 

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Jamf Pro sometimes has problems launching an app as the user, using a PUSH. Self Service doesn’t seem to have the problem. So the installer works but if you look at the last link in the package’s postinstall script, you’ll see root is trying to launch the app on behalf of the user.