Distribution Point Questions

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Hello, I've run into some issues that have me confused. Hope someone can clarify.

1.We have a Master Distribution Point (cloud) and 2 File Share Distribution Points. We have no Network Segments set up. When a policy is set to "Each computer's default distribution point", what happens? How is this determined per computer?

2.One of our .pkg files is not showing up on the Master Distribution Point (but it exists in the "Packages" settings). It fails to installs from Self Service with an error that it can't find the file. What would stop a pkg from being seen by the MDP? When set to one of the File Share Distribution Points, it still fails with an error of "can't find /Applications folder" What's going on here?



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With no network segments setup to define your DP, you are left to define the DP used either on a policy by policy basis or you can define it in the auto run data for Casper Imaging or a prestige imaging instance. I’m guessing it defaults to the master with nothing else defined.