Domain password change with multiple computers

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I have users that need to maintain two or more assets. At the moment - the company is still requiring the AD bind (I'm working on that).

When they need to change the password, they'll make the change on one asset - this leaves the other asset with a dual login - the local account - then the domain account.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how they can update the password on both systems to keep them in sync?

These are either Mojave or Catalina.

I don't have anything like Jamf connect as an option at this time.


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I'm grateful if any input is available

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As MacOS doesn't allow you to connect to WiFi on the login screen, they would have to wire to the network & login with their updated credentials, they will also be prompted to update their key chain. In summary - as the Macs can't hit the domain controller at login they are stuck with out-of-date passwords.

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I'm in a similar situation, we utilize AD Binding as well. Currently our users are resetting via Sys Prefs > Users&Groups > change pw. The problem is, we are stripping admin rights soon, and this option requires admin currently. I'm curious how others are handling domain pw resets, specifically like the OP mentioned with multiple devices and keeping the filevault login and domain mobile passwords in sync.

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@brianmcbride99 My end users are standard users and they're able to change their passwords fine. The biggest problem is we use a proxy server so they have to update the proxy passwords and inevitably get prompted for their login password to update AuthBrokerAgent.