Error on ipads cannot verify server identity.


I have ipads that are getting " cannot verify server identity" the identity of casper cannot be verified by safari. I have attached a picture. This is happening when I click on the self service.683b24d345b24e19b82f1c178b5a4046


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The most common culprit, and easiest to overlook in my experience, is the date/time being wrong. This is especially true in environments where the devices are likely to not be charged often enough and have their batteries drain completely. Luckily I work in K-12, so that never happens to us... [/sarcasm]

Otherwise, it has been possible in the past for the JSS's CA to be un-trusted on the device. This is done in Settings>General>About>Certificate Trust Settings. In recent versions of the JSS, the switch for the CA should be locked, but this wasn't always the case.

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Do you still see your profiles installed? There's another thread going about mdm profiles disappearing from Mac clients, and our first sign was self service issues.


Second on the date/time not being correct on the iPad. This happens to me once a week in our elementary buildings when kids want to extend their time on a game.