Font Issue - Blocks / Question Marks

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Hello - Running JSS 10.4.1 , not sure what the point of failure is but I only notice this issue on machines that ARE encrypted or getting encrypted - Randomly and interrmitenttly (at least for the first few logins) ALL of the system fonts become blocks with question marks. I tried changing my MS office packages to the latest (I think it's related for some reason) but can't find a reason it happens. I THINK running atsutil might fix it but not sure.


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Do you have a policy with a maintenance payload running with " Flush System Caches Flush caches from /Library/Caches/ and /System/Library/Caches/, except for any caches

Flush User Caches Flush caches from ~/Library/Caches/, ~/.jpi_cache/, and ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office version #/Office Font Cache " checked? We had this issue for along time and turning them off solved the problem.


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This worked for us too. Thanks ;-)

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You might be absolutely right about encrypted hard drive, It's happening on my main computer at work, and five oter users. After troubleshooting for several days with Apple support I gave up and continued my own troubleshooting. I have searched the web, and even though there's a lot of the same questions, the solutions posted are far from solving my problem. I have the feeling that everybody is lost and desperate trying to find a good solution to this problem but we are all hopeless.
I already reversed about four Imacs thinking that the problem could be related to hard drives formatted as APFS.
I will reformat my computer using Mac OS Extended instead of APFS. I will stay away from that new encrypted format for a couple of years
Until Apple promise that all problems have been solved.