Global HTTP Proxy problem with auth

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Good Morning:
I have implemented Global HTTP Proxy on supervised devices with user authentication and password and an alert message always appears indicating ... enter username and password when assigned in the payload.
Any solution regarding this?


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I believe I am having a similar issue. I've implemented Global HTTP Proxy on supervised devices (as a test) but something was configured incorrectly. Now, I am unable to send any type of commands to the devices. I would like to remove the profile (really, just update the reset changes to the existing profile). Seemingly, the only way to reset the profile change is to put the iPad in recovery mode. This, however, isn't feasible for elementary students in remote learning. If anyone receives this message, please let me know of a fix. (I am instructional tech for a school, not informational tech so my knowledge is limited.)

I am having the same issue right now. I am currently on the phone with iboss. I have been on the phone with iboss, and Jamf, but still nothing. Let's see what happens tonight. BTW did you ever get it fixed?

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did you figure anything out? I am having the same issue