Help: Signing cert for Quickadd package

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Hoping someone can help me out here. I'm trying to export a signing cert for the Quickadd package and running into some issues.

First, we already have an enterprise developer program here and I have an account attached to it. I am following the KB article here to export a "Developer ID Installer Distribution" certificate but that option is not available. Also, there is no + button to add it. I am running the latest version of xcode so I'm wondering if the instructions have changed to export the cert.

So I figured I would just try creating a regular "Developer ID Installer" cert (no distribution designation). Xcode immediately crashes with something about not "the given team doesn't contain a membership for the given platform (expected mac but memberships = ("

Our Apple contact says we do have mac development on the account but this error states the opposite and they have been absolutely worthless in troubleshooting. I noticed that our account screen shows a "Join" button under Mac Development instead of our team role. Under iOS it does show the role. Is that right???

I was able to generate a developer ID cert using our team agent account in the member center of the website. Would that work ok for JAMF quickadd packages?


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There is something messed up with Enterprise Developer Accounts right now. Ours is the same way, any attempt to get Macintosh certs results in an error (and Xcode crash) of "the given team doesn't contain a membership for the given platform". Apple has been unable to sort this out. We just ponied up the coin for an individual developer account and are signing with that. Should we have had to spend and extra $99, no but it's organizationally cheaper than paying someone to waste hours battling Apple on this right now. Hopefully come next year renewal they will have it sorted.

I think these are issues from when they had separate developer accounts, our Enterprise Developer Account predates the combined developer account and I think there is something not set right.

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Thanks @Kaltsas

Sounds like we are in the same boat. Our Enterprise account was originally for iOS before they merged the programs. I don't know why it's so difficult for Apple to fix this. Our Apple support contact is basically telling me it works but it doesn't and to put a bug report in. I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one with the problem. I guess we'll just have to give them another $100/year for something that should be free (like Enterprise Connect).