[Help] Top to bottom load balancing install configuration.

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We are starting to outgrow our current JSS and are looking to set up a load balancing configuration. For all previous version we have done a pretty basic install on OS X / macOS with both tomcat and MySQL living in the same box.

We would now like to move to our virtualized platform and split out the functions. We are thinking of a system like this:

Load balancer (currently looking at pound but open to suggestions) VM

2+ JSSs running tomcat VM (Ubuntu LTS or CentOS/RPM based os - open to suggestions)

1 MySQL database VM (Ubuntu LTS or CentOS/RPM based os - open to suggestions)

I've found instructions on doing complete JSS installs on individual linux VMs (with everything living on one box) but nothing that brings you through an example install of a split up system on Linux.

Am I just missing this documentation or is there someone who has done a good step by step guide?


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We are running multiple JSSs as follow:

On one setup we are running about 35 JSSs as multicontext. We are running this setup 4 times with a total of about 120 JSSs without any issues.