How do we block VPN at a school

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In supervised mode, blocking new profiles from being installed is not working. The VPNs are now setting up under VPN instead of profiles as they formally were. What else can we do. THis is a huge problem and one of the main reason of purchasing the JAMF software. THere has to be a way!


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What did Jamf support say when you contacted them about the issue?

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Yea, I've seen a few threads regarding this type of question with few answers. I would certainly contact JAMF Support. However, I did find a posting at the bottom of this thread

which seemed to suggest a possible solution. Unfortunately, I have 0 'real' experience blocking profiles form being loaded onto iPads, in a large scale production.

Anyways, since I'm kind of doing this by posting the thread, I suppose I should call pout @Sandy who posted the possible solution.

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@warrenisd15 and @ooshnoo We also discovered that once this restriction is applied prevent users from "trusting" third party dev like vShare and provisioning profiles
We can temporarily set the Date forward (1 year works well for most) , which then either automatically deletes or allows us to delete all of the now "expired" provisioning profiles. Sset date back and no new provisioning profiles or third party apps can be downloaded.
This was the easiest way we've found so far to clean this up, as Xcode did not always allow us to remove them.