How do you build new images and Netboot/netinstall images?

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Like the title says id like to know what you use. Currently i use autodmg to create the image and i am trying to use casper netinstall image creator for the netbooting, however it just keeps crashing for me. My only issue i have with using autodmg is that the system preferences don't work right such as energy saver wont load.


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For a while now I've been using AutoDMG and AutoCasperNBI. Haven't had problems with the images or netboot and have spiffy 10.12.2 versions of both.

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head over to and check out AutoCasperNBI

thanks for the awesome tool @bentoms

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Any idea what would cause my system preferences to be messed up then? or anyway to fix it? i just created a nbi from macmule going to try it right now.