iMacs not displaying list of network users

New Contributor

We only use the MCX key "ShowNetworkUsers" for our Elementary labs because the list makes it a bit easier for the younger kids to log in.

Since migrating from OD to JAMF for managing the machines, I have not been able to get the 10.6.8 iMacs to show the list. All 10.6.8 MacBooks show the list.

It does not make sense to me...same OS X on both the iMacs and MacBooks. I wouldn't think hardware would matter. We also just moved from authenticating to OD to AD. I wouldn't think that would matter either b/c the MacBooks are fine binded to AD.

"Network Accounts Available" is shown on the header of the iMacs but still no list.

The iMacs showed the network user list fine when binded to OD.

Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks in advance for any tips.