In-App Purchases


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Just wanted to see if we are still in the same boat where we cannot install or manage In-App purchases for iPads etc.. Is it still the same that because we go through Apple School Manager for the apps, there is no way to get the In-App options?



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I was wondering about this as well. 

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Any update to this?  I am thinking this is still not supported.  

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+1 Looking for info on how best to mage in-app purchases for a specific user(s).

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Any updates to this?  I have a teacher that would like to use the Adobe Photoshop app.  I can add it through Apple School Manager and she can download in from Self Service.  Only the $0 cost option is available in ASM.  The in-app purchase options are noted in the details of the app in ASM, but we can't choose the option to pay for it from our school account.  When the app is opened, she is given the option for a free trial or to subscribe.  We do not want it to go on a personal credit card, so how can we do this?  Please advise.  Thank you!

In app buy is a apple limitation. Not Jamf.

I using Photoshop on my phone no problem, with my EDU k12 license