Installing Specific Updates from Terminal


I have a machine that is on 10.13.5. It has the 10.13.6 update and iTunes 12.8 update. When I run the following command to only install the macOS 10.13.6 update it also downloads and installs iTunes 12.8:

softwareupdate -i macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Update- -r


How do I get it to only run the macOS update instead of iTunes. Keeping in mind I need the computer to force an automatic reboot after the installation of the update.


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sudo softwareupdate -i macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Update

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-r installs all recommended updates. You most likely want -R (capital r).

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man softwareupdate gives you:

-l | --list List all available updates. -i | --install Each update specified by args is downloaded and installed. args can be one of the following: -r | --recommended All updates that are recommended for your system. These are prefixed with a character in the --list output. -R | --restart Automatically restart (or shut down) if required to complete installation. -a | --all All updates that are applicable to your system, including those non-recommended ones, which are prefixed with a - character in the --list output. (Non-recommended updates are uncommon in any case.) item ... One or more specified updates. The --list output shows the item names you can specify here, pre- fixed by the or - characters. See EXAMPLES. -d | --download Each update specified by args is downloaded but not installed. The values of args are the same as for the --install command. Updates downloaded with --download can be subsequently installed with --install, or through the App Store (as long as they remain applicable to your system). Updates are downloaded to /Library/Updates, but are not designed to be installed by double-clicking the packages in that directory: always use --install or the App Store to actually perform the install.