iOS App updates question

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Could anyone explain how the iOS App Updates work with JAMF?

We have Settings -> Device Maintenance -> App Maintenance set to auto update at 1am our time zone , and to force app updates.

At 9am this morning I edited one configuration profile to turn on the Content Filter setting for adult material and pushed it to all our student devices, we then had 900 devices all decide to start updating Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneNote and we have been pulling 800 Megabits for the last 2 hours.

How/Why did this happen? I don't get why they decided to start updating apps after a profile setting change, I never instructed this, and the App Maintenance is set to 1AM.


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I think what you are seeing is that you updating the Content Filter profile and sending it out to devices currently having it triggered a check in with Jamf where it started to process pending tasks.

Similar to a Blank Push.

If you have your application update check scheduled at 1 AM, the process will initialize at that time, but it does not mean the client will process it at that time.