iPad Internal Storage

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I have deployed a number of iPads using JAMF mdm. If I plug one in to a Windows 7 or XP computer, I can browse through My Computer to Internal Storage-->DCIM but none of the videos/photos show. The folder appears to be empty. This same technique works fine with an iPhone that has not been deployed by JAMF. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


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I don't know for sure, but doesn't the storage become encrypted in some fashion automatically when an iOS device is under management? I know that Apple's MDM adds a few obligatory settings to managed iOS devices (this seems to be true for any vendor's product that uses Apple's MDM implementation) For example, backups are automatically required to be encrypted when a device is managed, regardless of any settings for this, or lack of those settings.
Its possible in a similar way Apple's MDM prevents browsing the internal storage on any managed device, or the storage becomes encrypted and you aren't able to browse to it from another device.
Someone else may be able to confirm this, since I'm just guessing and going on some fuzzy memory.

OTOH, it may also just be a difference between the iPhone and the iPad.

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I believe when you set a passcode on the device, then the storage becomes encrypted. There might even be a difference between simple passcode and non-simple (IE 6 or more characters.)

Does the iPad have a passcode enabled on it?