Ipad Management - Update Pending

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Hi all,

With JSS 9.81, i choose an iPad (iOs 9.2) and update inventory, it works fine but for other iPads (iOS 9.2 too) update is pending for a very long time and sometimes never completed...

Then i can't install apps too.

Do you have an ideas ?



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Managed Apps?

I believe there is an issue with 9.2 breaking managed apps. It is happening across all vendors (AirWatch, Jamf, ect.)

Our TAM send us this:

We’ve uncovered an issue for accounts using Casper Suite 9.81 and the “Automated updates for iOS App Store apps” feature, that may impact both app updates and end users. We strongly recommend that if you’re currently using this feature, you temporarily disable it in your JSS. To disable this feature:
Log into the JSS

Navigate to Settings > Mobile Device Management > App Updates
Click “Edit,” then un-check the box for “Automatically update all App Store apps"
Click “Save," and then “Done"
We’ll send another email when the issue has been resolved and the feature can be re-enabled on your account. We apologize for the inconvenience and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the information, but i'm not sure i have this problem, i just (on my iPad test 01) try to set a wall paper, send a update and install an app -> it's work, JSS can "contact" my device.

But on my iPad test 02, nothing work..

The 2 iPads are on iOS 9.2, and they are both on the same LAN

(My english sucks !! ^^ )

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I just spoke with our Apple Rep, and as I understand it there are two different issues. One is with the "Automated Updates for iOS App Store Apps" and the other is the 9.2 issue:
On devices at 9.2, if apps are installed automatically through any MDM (not just the Casper Suite), if the app is still installing when the MDM sends a request for updated App List, the service crashes and the device loses contact with the MDM.

To me these seem related but in any case clearing commands and deleting and reinstalling the app set things to rights.... unless you have 1500 of them :)

9.2.1, now in beta and is probably 1 week out, is said to resolve the issue

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bump Same problem here. Thanks for the info. Not having much luck clearing commands so far - well, I can clear the commands just fine, but the app still won't install.

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Does anybody have some quick and dirty instructions on what you're doing to clear commands that gets them to successfully install apps? I've been looking up the device serial number and look at the History and clear all pending commands (in both Management History and Apps).

Anything else I should be doing? I can wait for the update, but if I could get one app on a few iPads it would get them off my desk.


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Im also seeing this with an iPad running iOS 9.2, Our Jss is 9.81, with this one iPad, it just sets all the push commands to pending and they never seem to run.

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You could theoretically install the 9.2.1 public beta on the iPad and see if that fixes it.

In our case the workaround has just been to open up the App Store for kids when they come down here and give up on Self Service.

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Apple says...To resolve the issue, clear the MDM server queue of any of the following commands:
Installing or updating apps (InstallApplication)
Returning the list of managed apps (ManagedApplicationList)

how would i go about doing this at the server? i do not want to go in to the console and clear each iPad one at a time.

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@anitasmith Contact your TAM about this. There are mysql commands that can do this, but I think these were not being recommended any longer, so maybe your TAM would have particulars about that....or precautions for use or another way

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9.2.1 just came out to fix this issue. I would update the iPads instead of doing any sql commands.

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In my testing last week, the first iOS command to mass update the iPad's iOS (AvailableOSUpdates) just sat in Pending for those iPads that are stuck. Pending commands will probably need to be cleared, at least for the two listed in HT205654. I recommend you contact your TAM to get it done correctly.

In addition, I recommend that pending 'Update Inventory' commands be cleared as well. In my testing, when I updated to the 9.2.1 beta the pending command still did not go out, it had to be deleted and a new one issued. Also, you don't want an iPad on 9.2 to get stuck on an Update Inventory command again before it gets the upgrade command.. I set my Inventory Collection Frequency from 'Every Day' to 'Every Month' until we're past this.