iPads with cellular data not working

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Let me start by saying I am not an IT professional. I work for a small company with a fleet of iPads we use in the field and anything I know about Jamf or those iPads has just been from messing around with them.

We have a mix of regular iPads and Pros. We primarily use them on jobsites to run a proprietary app completing safety forms.

All of our machines have physical SIM cards and have an unlimited cellular data plan with AT&T.

I have machines that show no data connection. Some of those machines will randomly get a connection back though (and some keep it permanently, magically fixing itself). Haven't been able to pinpoint a common denominator of conditions for losing connection or gaining it back. Also, when I say no data connection, I'm not saying they're just in a crappy service area. It doesn't matter where the machine goes, across the entire eastern US, it will keep saying no data connection. 

We have replaced SIM cards on numerous machines more times than I can count and that's not a practical solution for us, not to mention that it never permanently fixes it either. AT&T has always showed that the cellular data is fine, no reaching or exceeding some unlimited threshold and throttling speeds.

Some other stuff to note: machines are supervised and managed and we do not have the iOS automatically updating due to our proprietary apps. This issue persists across multiple iOS versions.

I've spoken with Jamf Tech Support and have a game plan to try regarding network provisioning but figured I'd also put the question out here, see if anyone has any insight?


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Hey Schapman, 

I have a handful of iPads cellular-enabled, mine are with Verizon though so not sure if that makes any difference. With that said I haven't had to enable any kind of networking provisioning for the devices at all myself. Do you know if you have any kind of VPN profiles assigned to the devices? Maybe that can be an issue or any other network routing applications?  

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I don't believe there are any VPN profiles assigned to the devices but I'll go specifically look for that. Thanks!