Issue Removing User Level Configuration Profile

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I've recently create a 2 configuration profiles (user level & computer level) to lock down certain features per our security & compliance needs. I scoped the profiles to a device group which contains devices running 10.8 and 10.9. Yesterday i received a list containing devices to be excluded from the user level profile (preference pane restrictions) so made the changes clicked distribute to all.

Which brings me to my issue... The restrictions are still being applied

I see this in my JSS under the Management tab...

Remove Configuration Profile CMC User Policies Profile with identifier '750C5D23-D748-48AA-B0EA-D0CB9E8427CB' not found. <MDMClientError:89>

On 1 of the devices I ran...

profiles -P

which returned this...

_computerlevel [1] attribute: profileIdentifier: _computerlevel [2] attribute: profileIdentifier: _computerlevel [3] attribute: profileIdentifier: _computerlevel [4] attribute: profileIdentifier: shanpo [5] attribute: profileIdentifier: 750C5D23-D748-48AA-B0EA-D0CB9E8427CB

if i try and delete it...

profiles -R -p 750C5D23-D748-48AA-B0EA-D0CB9E8427CB

i receive this...

profiles unistalled for identifier: '750C5D23-D748-48AA-B0EA-D0CB9E8427CB' and user: '(null)' returned -205 (Unable to locate configuration profile.)

I can run...

profiles -D

which does remove it along with everything else and requiring me to re-enroll the device...

I'm asking for help from the great JAMF NATION community....


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I have just bumped into the exact same issue running JSS 9.4. I have opened a support call for this. Did you manage to find the answer?

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I'm currently undergoing the same issue with removing profiles. Did any of your previous support calls bring anything to light?

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Bump... seeing the same issue here.
Any solutions?

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I am also facing same issue after upgrade to 9.64. Any solutions?


I just ran into this as well


User profiles can only be removed by the user that installed them. Was this user profile installed by a different user or possibly by 'root'?


It was installed as a web clip by casper.


If you can access your database this command will help clear out user-level profiles installed via MDM (test first):



mysql> DELETE FROM os_x_installed_configuration_profiles WHERE username LIKE "uid_%"\G

Otherwise your best best is to contact Jamf Support, or if its an Automated Device Enrollment Mac assigned to a prestage,  delete the device record and re-enroll using:

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment