Issue with JSS SCCM Plugin sending data via Helper Tool

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Trying to send data for a particular machine over to SCCM bypassing the Plugin which the helper tool is supposed to be able to do. When ever I try to send the data I get the error attached.

Anything thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated.



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Just yesterday we had Pro Services helping us install and configure the plugin, v3.40.

When we use the helper tool to Get XML from JSS for a specific computer it will error. However, we do see in the logs that inventory data is indeed being pumped into SCCM.

The engineer helping us commented something to the effect that the Helper Tool is problematic at times. FWIW

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When using the helper application, make sure you are running it as an Administrator. We have seen cases where that does make a difference due to the permissions on the RSA key containers and certificate stores.


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Ditto. Must be run as Administrator or it will always throw this error regardless of the insertion type you are trying to perform.