Issues deploying NoMAD with custom payload config profile.

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Heard about this tool at JNUC last week and was super jazzed to deploy it. We installed it by hand on a few machines and it seems to completely cover our use case. That being said I'm having a bear of a time getting it to deploy 'correctly'. This isn't necessarily a NoMAD issue, rather I suspect it simply betrays a fundamental lack of understanding of the core functionality of deploying a custom preference on my part.

We've got a policy to install NoMAD and the launch agent pkg so it launches at start up then do recon. I also built a custom com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD.plist to deploy, which is deploying as a custom payload for com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD in a config profile scoped to a smart group of machines with NoMAD installed.

I can see on the client and in JSS that the config profile is applied. It is not populating in ~/Library/Preferences however (as I assume that it ought to be?), and when I run NoMAD or reboot a new copy of com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD is being built and populated with the default settings. If I default write the settings I want from terminal is behaves like a perfect gentleman.

I don't want to have to run a script to apply these per user since thats not in line with the best practices for deployment....and also feels kludgey. Some guidance on how this functionality is supposed to work would be awesome, especially if there's any gotchas or bits of silliness I should be watching out for.

Anyone's advice is greatly appreciated :D


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@jheman head on over the #nomad MacAdmins Slack channel - You'll get help a lot quicker and there's tons of people willing to help. If you upload the PLIST you're working with there (or here) it will narrow down what the issue is.

Config profiles deployed via Jamf get stored in /Library/Managed Preferences, so you won't ever see your applied prefs in ~/Library/Preferences. Make sure your Custom Settings payload is correct - com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD. Case is important in the spelling.

I've been using Jamf to deploy my config profiles to my computers and haven't had any issues deploying NoMAD or having NoMAD respect my configured preferences.

You'll also want to make sure that your profile is configured correctly - head on over to if you haven't already.

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@aporlebeke I'll have to give their slack a shot. I've been working on this a bit more and I'm getting some keys to work so I probably just need someone to take a gander at my plist and catch my obvious messups....Currently having some issues/inconsistencies with the password sync not applying if the AD user gets changed, I'll keep poking at it and head over there if I need more help. Thanks for the recommend!