Jamf Cloud Implementation best practice

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Hi everyone

I have a potential new role starting asap. As someone with moderate Jamf experience and CCA certified back in 2014 I've been tasked with implementing Jamf for a large company. I think this may be out of my experience as I have only worked on Jamf already in place.

Can I get some advice on how to implement cloud and get it up to speed quickly.

I've gone through and would need to set up;
LDAP (think it will link to Azure AD)
Network/Wifi policies

Sorry if this is a broad question. I want to grow my Jamf skills but worried I may be out of my depth on this one.



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The good thing with jamf cloud is that it's managed and initially setup by jamf. Once you have your certificates & LDAP setup I think the next important thing to work on is figuring out how you are going to get all of your company machines enrolled. Is there already a mdm solution in place that you can use to push out the enrollment package etc.
Once you have that figured out create a plan on how you want to setup your policies, smart groups etc., will you be using different sites for each group in your company etc.

I work for a large company and we implemented the IBM method for policies. I'll see if I can find the video for you