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Hi all, I have been attempting to package an adobe plugin in composer to have it available for install via the self service. The plugin requires a 3rd party extension manager. I am able to successfully create the pkg to install the extension manager and push the plugin to a shared location on the mac, however I am having trouble creating the 2nd part of the package which needs to open the extension manager, locate the plugin and install the plug in (installation of the plugin requires admin credentials) i have attempted to use the snapshot tool to no avail. The extension manager is called Anastasiy and the plugin is called WorkFront, available from https://www.adobeexchange.com/creativecloud/install-instructions.14393.html any help would be much appreciated!


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Adobe Extension Manager is only required to install a plug as its compressed in their propriety .zxp format.
If you just have a test Mac with CC installed and the extension manager, just install the plugin via extension manager so it extracts the plugin back to a standard plug format and put it in the correct location.

Then just drag the plugin its saved straight in to Composer to create your package (if you don't know the location then use the snapshot feature to find out what it installs).
That way even if the user doesn't have the Adobe extension manager installed to read the zip format, you can still deploy3rd party extensions to Adobe CC installations (as the Library hierarchy for plugins is always there even if the Extension Manager app is not)

Here's an example of one of our pkg's (The Bodymovin plugin for AfterEffects) where Composer's snapshot feature was used to capture the extension manager receipts as well (this then shows up in the Extension Manager app for those admin users that do have it installed)