Jamf-pro server binary, database password, encryption etc

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Hi All,

Have a question about actually using the jamf-pro application in linux to backup the db. none of the docs seem to cover the "encryption key" question that's asked when you set the config for database password. I tried just blank, but then it doesn't accept it when trying a backup.

Anyone have any info? Thanks!


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root defaults to no password

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p

defaults are for jamsoftware are

Username: jamfsoftware
Password: jamfsw03

hope that helps

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Sorry, that wasn't my question (thought I could see how it seems like it was).

When you're configuring the new jamf-pro app, doing jamf-pro config set --database-password blahblah, it then asks for an encryption key. A. What is this? B. How do you pass said encryption key when your run jamf-pro database backup (or is it backup database), and C. There's zero documentation about this. Answering the question for encryption key with just hitting return "blank" results in that not working when you go to backup (and it asks for an encryption key).

Does that make more sense?