Local User Profile not creating all Folders

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Our Mac's are DEP and we're using NoMAD to authenticate users with AD. We've recently noticed an issue where when someone logs into a Mac where they don't have a local user profile it's not creating all of the home directory folders. It's missing the Movies, Pictures, and Music folders - however if I go to Finder Preference's it then creates the missing folders.

It wouldn't be an issue but we have an application that saves recordings in the Movies Folder, because it's not there it's just erroring that the user doesn't have permission to create the save folder.

I had noting to do with the setup of NoMAD so not entirely sure of the setup of that - could it be something to do with the NoMAD? 

Anyone else seen this behaviour, or have any clue what I need to look at?



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With snow leopard, you can use MCX for this. This is broken in Lion (I have a ticket in with Apple). They suggested I script it. If you search the boards someone else posted a script for this here. Let me know if you can't find it. MyAARPMedicare Login