Logout script does not run on logout

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Hi all,
I'm fairly new to the Casper suite.

I have a script that removes alle user homefolders that contain a number in their names at logout and generates a logfile.
I have set it by a policy with (Trigger logout). It does execute fine every checkin when (Execution Frequency) is set to ongoing. But that's not what I want, I want it triggered by a user logout. My other options are (Once per computer or a specific date)
When I change Execution Frequency to anything from ongoing it stops working, does not execute when users logout.

At (Computer management - Check-in) I have enabled: (Create login/logout hooks) and (Check for policies triggered by login or logout)

Please help,.....


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Why do you not want it ongoing? Ongoing means that it will continue to run at your trigger. So a policy set to at Logout and ongoing, will run every time a logout happens. Isn't that what you want?