MacBook Pro docking stations 2023 M3 Pro suggestions

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Does anyone have input on Docking station,  i have been using the J5 Dock's but they see to be hit or miss with the M3 chips i have use LandingZone in the past and they seem to be good but would like to not have to order based on the model type looking for RJ45 2-4 monitor support and 2 USB A and C can always add a hub for more ports


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MacOS is very finicky with docks because apple refuses to support DisplayPort MST. We usually stick with DisplayPort Docks. I absolutely hate the software, but they are far more reliable than random docks on the market. As far as plug and play docks you will have your best milage with Belkin and Caldigit docks, just be aware they are very consumer focused and change models quite frequently.