Managed Apple ID and Account Settings



I am looking for some advice.

We are shortly going to be moving to a 1 to 1 iPad setup and I have been playing around and on the most part had great success in what we are trying to achieve.

I do have one problem and I am not sure if it is me or a limitation.

We are using prestage enrollments to manage the process which is fantastic and allows us to get things exactly as we want them. We are leaving the Apple ID setup part of the assistant as we want users to sign in with their managed Apple IDs. This all works perfectly and happy days.

The problem lies with configuration profiles, the devices fall into a smart group which gives them a profile that has restrictions to stop users from changing the account settings, this is to prevent them from logging in with personal Apple IDs.

If this setting is enabled in the configuration profile, it completely skips the Apple ID login part of the setup assistant, meaning they never get to sign-in in the first place.

Is this a limitation or am I getting things set up incorrectly.


I hope I have explained this well enough


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in your pre stage enrollment do you have "Install configuration profiles before setup Assistant"  selected, if so deselecting may give you the behavior you are looking for. 

Alternatively you could assign that configuration to a static group that you only assign the device once you know setup is complete. 


We do have that option deselected but the process seems to happen so quickly.

Does Jamf pull information on whether or not an iPad is logged into iCloud or not?

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not built in, but it looks like some one figured it out:

I have not done this on ipads myself, but do have the described system extension for MacOS. Hope that helps