Managing/Configuring Launchpad Across Multiple Users/Computers.

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I sent this note over the Mac Enterprise list first a couple of weeks back so apologies on the cross-post for those who subscribe to both lists. I'm looking for some ideas on managing the Lion Launchpad on lab/cluster/public computers. I have a gut feeling that the Launchpad is going to be important in the future of OS X, so I'm trying to get people used to it now while it's optional. Thanks in advance for any ideas or feedback. Original message below.

-- Ted August
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I've had a look at this and it appears that the file in ~/Library/Application Support/Dock/ is an sqlite database with all of the info for the Launchpad.

After digging around inside it, it looks like it would be possible to write a few shell scripts that would inject some SQL into the databases to perform the modifications. Then we can have a login script that would call these scripts then restart the Dock.

I'm assuming by "manage", you mean create groups, move apps into groups, and hiding apps?

I'll let you know when I've written a few of the scripts.


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Has there been any progress on this Launchpad issue?