Mavericks Power Button Sleep Bug

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I've been getting complaints from students that our MacBook Airs with Mavericks are going to sleep and not waking while they are using the computer. This is a disaster if they are taking an online test.

I found this YouTube video which shows the problem:

I was able to replicate it by tapping the Power button to make the screen go to sleep, and then tapped several times on the keyboard. The Mac went to sleep, and I could not wake it up. Only a hard shutdown and reboot was the solution.

This would be very easy for anyone to do when missing the Delete key, pressing the Power button and then continuing to type.

I'm looking for a way to turn off the Power Button Sleep.

An article in Wikipedia ( talks about a Power Management setting: "powerbutton" that will enable or disable Power Button Sleep, but I have not been able to make this work.

Does anyone have a fix for this?


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If they're 2013 models...known issue. One in our family is actually going through this right now!

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Thanks, Kalikkalik. It looks like we may just have to wait for Apple.

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This was posted a few months back. It's not a permanent fix though.

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