Messages missing from within after iOS 11 update

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Seems there may be a bug in JAMF when updating an Personal Device iPhone to iOS 11 (iOS 11.0.1).

The (iMessage) is missing now within the, so I cannot select a Photo and Send it to the Messages app to send a photo text.

If I remove the JAMF MDM Profile, it re-appears, but then I am not on the district wifi network (which gets installed when enrolled).

Any ideas?


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I should emphasize that the Messages app is NOT available within the when looking to send a Photo in a Text Message (MMS) only on Personal Devices enrolled into JAMF.

Institutional Devices work just fine.

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We're aware of this issue and have it filed as PI-004464.

There is no ETA on a fix.

If you have further/additional questions about PI-004464, or would like to get a case open to have it attached to the Product Issue please get in touch with Support either by giving us a call, sending an e-mail to, or by using the My Support section of Jamf Nation.

Were Wulff
Jamf Support