Multiple MDM Profiles Expired"

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Hello all,
I noticed today that I can no longer send MDM commands to a specific device. These commands are always only on the status "Pending". When I took a closer look, I found out that the MDM profile has already expired a few weeks ago. How can something like this happen? These actually renew themselves 180 days before expiration. Am I wrong? I built a search query for it and saw that this happened to a total of 10 devices. Do any of you have a tip on how I can recapture these devices? I tried a "sudo profiles renew -type enrollment" but this had no success unfortunately. An error 500 came back.


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A few things to check:

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I have not touched the CA.
MDM Renewal is activated and works without problems on the 250 other computers.
I cannot send the MDM command, it remains permanently in the "Pending" status and does not reach the device.

When is the CA set to expire? If it's happening soon, it will need to be renewed before you can renew the MDM profile on devices.

Suggest you contact Jamf Support at this point.