Need help with VB script for an extension attribute

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We are moving from pc based to mac. I wanted to use recon to gather info from the pc to make the transition easier. I can get a list of printers they have installed on the pc. I also wanted to get a list of mapped network drives. I found a VB script that says it will do that but not sure how to word it correctly to work as a VB extension attribute.

On Error Resume Next
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")

Set colDrives = objNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives

For i = 0 to colDrives.Count-1 Step 2

I know it needs a Wscript.Echo line at the value passed but not sure how.

Hope someone out there can help!


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See if the following does the trick:

Option Explicit
Dim objNetwork, objDrives, DriveNum, listDrives

On error resume next

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set objDrives = objNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives

'check if there are no mapped drives
If objDrives.Count = 0 Then
WScript.Echo "<result>No Drives Mapped</result>"
End If

'List the mapped drives
For DriveNum = 0 to objDrives.Count -1 Step 2
listDrives = objDrives.Item(DriveNum +1) & vbCrLf & listDrives
WScript.Echo "<result>" & listDrives & "</result>"

Couple notes:
After the script is saved the '&' will be displayed as '&amp;', save it again and you'll get '&amp;amp;'... So if you makes changes after saving it once be sure to convert each occurance of '&amp;' back to '&' before saving again.
Extension attribute displayed when viewing the extension attribute under computer details lacks multiple line output, but looks fine if displayed under an advanced search.

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