Netboot Setup on Linux Server

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Hello All,

I hope this post found you all well and healthy.
We moved from Apple Server to Linux hosted servers for our Apple infrastructure and I am trying to setup Netboot on the Linux server but I can't found any document that mentions steps by step instructions. All our Casper infrastructure is on Linux and so far so good.
I am wondering if someone let me know if there is a documents out there for setting up Netboot (step by step) for Netboot.
At the moment our support staff use external drive and use Casper Imaging to image the computers from Casper Server workflow that we setup.

I really appreciate any help.


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Easiest way to be up and running would be to use the NetSUS appliance from JAMF. It comes in two flavours, as an installer or an appliance.

My recommendation though, would be for you to try the Docker and BSDpy solution.
Graham Gilbert has an great step-by-step tutorial.

Patrik J

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If you are using RHEL or CentOS, you can literally copy paste and be up in 10 mins. I set this up 2 weeks ago, about to finish testing and move to production.
bsdpy-netboot on linux