NetSUS setup help

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okay, so I got NetSUS installed on a fresh install of Ubuntu.

However when following the instructions to go to: https://myhostname.local/webadmin to access the NetBoot/SUS server web application, all any browser gives me is a combination of the following:

-Unable to connect
-can't establish a connection
-webpage not available
-connection refused

I've tried connecting via IP addresss, hostname.local, localhost, I get nothing.

What else do I need to do? Do I have to start the webserver on the machine?

This is my first dive into Linux, so yes..I'm a bit clueless.

Thanks fellas...


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Hmm perhaps if your not too familiar with Linux then using the premade applicance template might be the better way to go?

you can import this into vsphere or similar and you should be good to go after entering in all the info at boot time

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also i wouldnt use .local as the hostname if possible. i'd make sure it had a FQDN with forward and reverse records

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I installed the NetSUS on a Red Hat server recently, with zero previous Linux experience- so I know where your coming from.

I had the same problem, see this thread:

Have a go at downloading the source and compiling a new installer and running that right on top of the existing install. That process was easier than it sounds if you've never done it.

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Thanks fellas...
@dpertschi I've never compiled anything so yet again, something I'm clueless on. if you have quick how to's that would be great.

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Download ZIP from:

CD into the (NetSUS-master) directory and run CreateNetSUSInstaller (e.g. "./"). You should end up with a file.

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Thanks again fellas...
I got it up and running. Only problem now is that whenever I check for updates using CLI on a client, it says:

lab-testmac3:~ root# softwareupdate -l
Software Update Tool
Copyright 2002-2012 Apple Inc.

Finding available software
Can't load data from the Software Update server (

Maybe I've got the wrong catalog entered???
It's currently setup as: