New update experience - enabling it freezes the node and makes tomcat eat 100% CPU


Has anyone else seen this? We have a large on-prem deployment where we have used manual procedures to update a large number of devices over a long period of time. I think there might be some leftovers in the DB because of this. Because when I try to enable that feature, a warning is displayed before enabling it. And that's a LOT of running updates. So I can understand that it might overload tomcat and make it freeze. But anyway, am I the only one with this problem? See below:





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saw similar when updated to 10.48 when the new software update beta went live. the value was huge.

having been working on 10.48 beta.. I kinda missed at the same time as I clicked on it.. 'that said what! to late' 

cloud so can't see tomcat use.. but.. nothing bad came of it.. but one to check with jamf support.. before you press the button.

note that the new software update (beta) has had.. teething problems.. time to test again in 10.49!