Open JDK upgrade (from Oracle java) on windows server

Contributor II

There is currently no documentation on moving from Oracle java to open JDK. I worked with support to convert over. This is how we did it:

Jamf currently supports open JDK 8. Jamf will add future support for open JDK 11

Download the latest version of Open JDK 8 from (V8, Hotspot, this one is recommend by jamf. JDK includes JRE)

Install Open JDK:

Uncompress JDK zip to temp directory (should have a directory name something like this jdk8u192-b12)

Copy directory to C:Program FilesJava

Stop Tomcat (ServicesTomcat8)

Edit Windows Environment Variables to point to the correct JDK/JRE java directories

JAVA_HOME C:Program FilesJavajdk8u192-b12
JRE_HOME C:Program FilesJavajdk8u192-b12jre

Change Tomcat Java Settings:

Launch Tomcat settings app: C:Program FilesJSSTomcatin omcast8W.exe

Change Java Virtual Machine setting to target correct JRE dll C:Program FilesJavajdk8u192-b12jreinserverjvm.dll

Set memory

Initial Memory Pool 512
Maximum memory pool 1024

Go to add and remove programs. Remove older versions of Java JDK and Java JRE.

Restart tomcat.



Contributor II

Note I have a support ticket open with Jamf. The windows Jamf installer (MSI) will not upgrade on a system using Open JDK. It says there is no java SE development kit installed.