Patch Policy Execution

New Contributor III

I updated to JP10 this morning and have been playing with the new Patch Policies and Google Chrome to see how the function. I created a policy to update Google Chrome automatically with a 15 minute delay timeout.

After running a sudo jamf policy it picked up that I needed a new version of Chrome and pulled down the pkg. I then saw the Notification asking me to close Chrome. Annoyingly there was no way to dismiss this notification or a button to allow Chrome to be quit and the update to occur. Is this intended behaviour? Once I quit Chrome manually, the update continued as expected and the Patch Policy succeeded.

It also seems like if the user leaves Chrome open, the sudo jamf policy will remain active until the policy finishes.



Is this actually stalling the jamf binary out? As in, would all further actions (other policies, recon, etc) be deferred until after the patch action completes?

If so that's an issue. Without a timeout the user could ignore the prompt and indefinitely stall scheduled actions.