RE:JAMF binary not installing.

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Hi Team,

I am experiencing issue we have devices that listed on DEP , .

Once powered  this will prompt the remote management windows , Enter my details  to have device enrolled via DEP.

Device enrollment is successful but the , however whe i check in JAMF there is no except the details entered at the point of enrloment.

I have checked system Preferences > profiles > and all profiles are listed .

Because there is no communication, i switched to check if the jamfbinary is installed on the  client .

I have run sudo jamf log and out put is "command not found" same when i run sudo jamf manage.


Would you please advise how to have have this fixed.


Kind Regards.




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Are you using an 802.1x network to enroll the device? I've seen issues like this occur if using 802.1x networks if the device loses the network connection during the enrollment process when it is switching from _mbsetupuser to the login window or a user login.



Thanks for the response , no Iam connected with Apple Ethernet Adapter .

I have tested on otther device with 802.1X , re enrolled device and i get the same result.





Try taking the local network out of the picture by doing the enrollment over a cellular hot-spot. We were seeing the same problem as @ljcacioppo describes so set up a provisioning network which is another SSID on existing access points but without 802.1x and limited to only a few URLs; Apple's APNs, our JSS, our distribution points and Azure for our authentication. Still requites simple authentication but limited access makes it un-useful for anyone to use outside the initial enrollment and provisioning.

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Was there any resolution to this? I'm running into the same problem.

Don't think so. Tumbleweed and crickets.

Pointing me towards this being a possible network issue helped me as we utilize some network restrictions in our environment.

Thank you for keeping me from having to dig through PCAPS!

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I was informed that enabling the application restriction "Require admin password to install or update apps" can prevent the binary from installing. Turning it off resolved my issue.


@gwhaley262 , sorry to ask, is that setting in Jamf Pro or in macOS? Thx.

JAMF pro restriction in configuration profile.

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Ahh, right. Thanks. No, we haven't turned on that restriction so it's not to blame for the occasional failure. Although in the months since my posting I think we've seen few or none of this happening again.

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