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Hi All,

Im a bit of a Noob with JamF. I have a computer which is managed with JamF Pro. The employee has left the company and i would like to remove their user data and make it fresh and new for a new employee.

In the remote commands section, I see there are only 10 options available. Yet I there should be alot more options available.

Any idea why I dont have access to all the options listed in this JamF article?

Currently there is only 1 user account on the copmputer.

Thanks for the help

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Hello @YLIL what is most likely happening is these devices do not meet the criteria for all commands to be run, in particular noted in the document you linked, supervised or enrolled via a PreStage enrollment.  Can you confirm this Mac was enrolled via pre-stage enrollment and is supervised?  If it was enrolled via pre-stage enrollment this could be the reason some of these commands are missing.  Also you will notice other requirements such as T2 chip or certain versions of Mac OS are required for other commands such as Activation Lock.


The easiest way currently would be to wipe the Mac from internet recovery, reinstall the OS, delete the Mac from Jamf (ensure any FV2 keys you need are recorded or drive is unlocked prior to this), setup the Mac either within a pre-stage enrollment that has been configured or re-enroll the Mac via pre-stage enrollment if that is the only option (https://yourjamfurl/enroll). There are many guides including Jamf own Admin guide I will link here Jamf Pro Documentation | Jamf  that have great information about this process.  Hopefully that was helpful, let me know if you have any other specific questions!


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