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Hi Team,

If I need to add script in jamf pro, how can I add? and how to download the script from apple website?

How to add security updates in jamf pro?  





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Go to: Settings > Computer Management > Scripts

Click '+' in the top right

Paste script contents into window.


Alternately, you can open Jamf Admin and drop the script (in its .sh or .py form, for example) into the window then click save.

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Hi Tangentism,

Can I get the script which is of software update or security update to upload in jamf pro? Is it possible?

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You have several questions here. Let's address them one at a time:

1) You can add a script to Jamf by navigating to Settings --> Computer Management --> Scripts. Click "New", give it a title and then you can paste the plaintext contents of your script.

2) "Download the script from Apple website". I'm assuming you've found a script posted somewhere by someone and you want to use it. Just copy and paste it into a Text Editor like BBEdit or TextMate, check for syntax errors, and then copy and paste into your script area that I talked about in Answer 1 above.

3) Security updates? For the OS? For Jamf? For a particular app? If you're asking about OS security updates, I do not recommend that you try to package these and have Jamf apply them. Instead, I recommend you either use the MDM "download and install" command within Jamf to trigger the same, or you leverage a tools like Nudge to nudge your end-users into applying the updates as downloaded in System Preferences -> Software Updates pane.

The Jamf 100 course is freely available here. It can give you a great introduction to using Jamf in your environment, and also a great introduction to being a Mac Admin. I also recommend as a jumping-off place for new Mac Admins.

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Hi damienbarrett,

so we don't have package or script for security updates for mac os to upload into jamf  pro?

can i find the packages or scripts for security updates in apple site? if yes where can i find?

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You can but like @damienbarrett said, not recommended. You can find scripts here, try sending remote command for update and many other ways. Try different things and do lots of tests to see which one fits you.