Self Service Error when installing App from App store

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We have some VPP apps that we have made a Self Service bundle for. The app was created ok; the VPP codes uploaded ok.

ON ipad, when you tap to redeem we get an error:
"Cannot Open Self Service. Self Service could not be opened. The error was: The URL can't be shown"

I can manually goto the URL fine.



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I am having the same issue. Upload into the App catalog went fine, but the redemption errors out on the iPad. Also, in MDM App catalog, the iPads that errored out show up as "redeemed" for that title although the app does not show on those devices or in the device's App list when viewed in MDM.

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Yes, that is exactly what I'm seeing. I'm going to place a call I think.

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Well it was an easy fix.

We have an iOS restriction profile that had both:
1. App Store
2. Use iTunes store

I had allowed the App Store but forgot about allowing the iTunes Store setting. Once I enabled it the app installed just fine.


FYI, we had this same issue (error message) but resolved it in an entirely different manner. Our user had setup their Apple ID with a Non-Local Region (China); therefore, their App Store and Apple ID did not support the URL and code. I had to change the location of the Apple ID to the Local Region (America) and then change the App Store as well before being able to use the JSS with a paid app.

To me it was strange that the free apps worked, but it had no issue until a pre-paid deployed App was attempted to be downloaded.