Symantec Enterprise Vault

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Anyone tried to deploy Symantec's Enterprise Vault using their default installer package? I have (I typically create untested installs as Self Service policies and try them manually). The policy failed, but it looks like the installer was trying to be interactive and open up the system preference, asking which email apps I wanted to enable the Enterprise Vault toolbar for...

I flushed the policy history and it showed successful the second time/it actually seems to have installed, but I bet this doesn't work at imaging time...

Gee, I'm shocked that Symantec built a not-easily-deployable .pkg </sarcasm>...



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what version are you installing, pretty sure the 10.0.3 package is not signed either which causes problems with gatekeeper, and yes it seems to need to be interactive. I refuse to deploy it until they sign it at the least, gotta think that a composer capture of it would probably be the best solution so that you capture the preference pane.

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Yeah I think I'm going to have to go that route. I think 10.0.2 is what the client has, although they emailed me that they were getting a newer version.

Symantec stuff is second behind Adobe for difficulty to install...

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oh i don't know about that,
SEP and PGP are really easy to deploy, the central servers create you an install package that can pretty much just be used as is.
Now are they top tier Mac products? That I will neglect to comment on.

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Most of my clients have gone away from SEP due to its lack of stability... pretty much everyone has migrated to Sophos... And I wouldn't touch PGP after all of the OS .x update pains in the past...

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We ran into issues with the Symantec installer as well. The workaround I used was to modify the JAMF install PKG from DMG script to look for MPKG files. We then took the mpkg and made a DMG of it just like you would for Adobe installs. Also here is an EA to check the version.


if [ -d /Library/Application Support/Symantec Enterprise Vault/Enterprise Vault ] ; then

    RESULT=$( defaults read /Library/Application Support/Symantec Enterprise Vault/Enterprise Vault CFBundleShortVersionString )

    echo "<result>$RESULT</result>"


    echo "<result>Not Installed</result>"


exit 0

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I was able to get the EV client installed, but the users had issues accessing their archives. We have since recommended to our users that they access Enterprise Vault through the web URL (which your organization should have as well). Essentially they just hit the server name via web browser and there is a pretty intuitive interface.

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Old thread but same problem... How are people installing the Symantec Enterprise Vault Client?