System Config Trigger

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Hey Guys,
Was just having a look through the good old resource kit and noticed the "System Config Trigger" when sleeping and network changes etc cause the machine to check for policies etc.

thought this might be a handy tool in my environment, but i can't find any notes on the JAMF website (the link in the resource kit just points to jamf nation and there are no KB articles on it which makes me believe its no longer supported.

has anyone got this working in their environment atm and is it still supported in 8.43?

also with the release of 8.5 do you think we might get an updated resource kit?

Cheers Guys.


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haven't taken a look at this trigger, but it sounds like crankd, part of this: may be worth checking out if you need that functionality.

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yeah saw it in the JAMF resource kit, and thought it might help, as we have alot of Laptops that people dont shutdown or log out etc, and figured it might catch them when they come into the office and plug the network cable in. or also when the system sleeps.

Hoping its still functional, might have to give it a test :)

Thanks for the link, ill check out crankd too might be an edited version that will force a recon on result of the system change.

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You have to repackage it, changing the LaunchAgent to a LaunchDaemon. Otherwise it won't be able to start the trigger as the root user.